Pro Bici = freedom, clean air, equalty, life, rights, friendship, commitment, respect, urban cycling.

Mauricio Tieppo


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Pro Bici is our motivating program promoting the use of bike as a sustainable transport mode. It was introduced in the year of 2009 by the environmental manager and president at Acum, Lucas Germán Burgos.

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Acum –Mendoza Urban Cyclists Association– is an organization also founded in 2009 and idealized by the biologist and ecologist at CONICET Mendoza, and university teacher Diego Vázquez. A non-profit civil association made up of a group of urban cyclists through which the citizen participation is promoted in order to motivate the generation of more friendly cities by the adoption of bike as a transport mode.




  • Beside developing our own promotional medias such as presentations, copy texts, photographs, design and videos under free use license.
  • We also promote the cycle activism through our campaigns, events and activities.
  • We investigate and research matters of transport and sustainable mobility on a local, national and mundial levels.
  • We investigate and research matters of transport and sustainable mobility on a local, national and mundial levels.
  • We also assist the government bodies on everything referred to urban cycling./li>
  • We stimulate the Social and Environmental Responsibility on corporational systems in Mendoza and the responsible consumption at the commercial establishments tied to our membership program.
  • We develop recreational and cultural activities.
  • We collaborate with university students on investigative homeworks and projects.



  • 2009 – First Critical Mass through Mendoza’s cultural heritage spots.
  • 2010 – First time celebrated The Mundial Car-Free Day in Mendoza and Argentina.
  • 2010 – Participation in Mendoza’s Transport Committee meetings proposing the possibility of boarding bicycles to the Metrotranvía trains.
  • 2011 – First time created “Mega rodada” for the Mundial Car-Free Day congregating bikes to skateboards, longboards and rollers through the streets of Mendoza.
  • 2012 – Created the Pro Bici Net (Red Pro Bici) a group of establishments prepared to give support to the urban cycling with options for internal bike parkings in response to the bike robbery issues, and allowing to take the bikes to nocturnal recreation establishments such as bars and restaurants. For this occasion we organized an independent cinema cycle event having the bicycle as the key player.
  • 2013 – First time promoted the Bike-to-Work Day as a call for better conditions for the urban cycling together with institutions and business companies in Mendoza. Such event was declared in this same year as a departamental interest by Godoy Cruz department and as municipal interest in 2004 by the honourable House of Representatives of Mendoza.
  • 2013 – First time organized the Sustainable Mobility Week in Mendoza, in partnership with the municipality of Godoy Cruz and the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of Mendoza.
  • 2013 – First time organized in Mendoza the Urban Cycling Journey with the presence of the cycle activists Ricardo Jerez Aura (Chile) and Matías Kalwill (Buenos Aires).
  • 2013 – Created the new Membership Program with adhesion of establishments to a benefit system.
  • 2014 – Promoted in partnership with the Ministry of Transport the need for a public bike system earmarked as ‘Metrobicis’.
  • 2014 – Developed together to the Municipality of Mendoza and the groups ‘Mendoza en Bicicleta’ and ‘Club Retro Aurorita Mendoza’ the new nocturnal critical masses with guided tours through the city heritages, the so called ‘Bicitours’, events of great call.